A muslimah chasing akhira but being pulled by the strings of dunia, this is a blog about thoughts and perceptions about what i see, hear or read. My opinions are of My own. May Allah accept this of you and me. Ameen Sawsan Hussein


Hello Venice….Hello World

All you need is a good cup of coffee

All you need is a good cup of coffee

And say #alhamdullilah

And say #alhamdullilah

This is art…………..

Just a dream


Sometimes, I just want to drop everything and run, leave my past behind and travel to my future.. too see the world through my eyes, not someone else’s. 

I deeply relate

I have just come down with an extreme case of wanderlust


Keep Calm It’s My Damn Birthday! en We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/55199031/via/yhamziibabe

Breakfast at tiffany’s

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